NIP Proposer Season 1 Submission Guideline

NIP stands for NFT Improvement Proposals.

NIP lays the foundation for driving innovation of Mint blockchain. All subsequent innovations in smart contracts of NFTs will be proposed by forward-thinking NIPs.

Thus, the theme of the Season 1 hackathon is centered around NIP proposers, aiming to unleash the collective imagination and conceptualization of application scenarios for NFTs. This initiative is set to lay the groundwork for advancing NFT technology, making innovative ideas the driving force behind the future development of the NFT.

Submission Guidelines

Whether you’re a coder or not, everyone is welcome to participate in the NIP Propose Season 1. Share your vision for the future of NFTs and articulate how NFTs can be applied in on-chain/real-life scenarios today. Provide a clear description and submit it to us.

Please select tag 「NIP Proposer Season1」 before you post.


  • Submission Period: Jan 8th ~ Jan 31st
  • Winner Announcement: Feb 7th
  • Post-hackathon Event: Feb 8th


  1. TOP 10 best NIPs will share the prize pool of 5000 USD.
  2. TOP 3 best NIPs will receive a coveted MintID NFT.

Judging Criteria

The hackathon this time has four judging criteria, and submissions will be scored based on the following four criteria. Additionally, subjective comments will be provided, don’t worry if your work is not applicable to the four criteria.

  1. Practical Application: Assessing how effectively the NFT addresses and resolves real-world challenges within specific scenarios.
  2. NIP for Mass Adoption: Evaluating the NFT’s potential to catalyze mass adoption within the Web3 industry, attracting a substantial user base.
  3. Feasibility: Scrutinizing the user experience during the project’s development, emphasizing an intuitive and user-friendly interface.
  4. Programmability: Examining the specific applications and anticipated outcomes of smart contracts within the realm of NFTs.

NIP Submission Template

A NIP should include the following 7 components. Failure to include key elements may result in the submission being deemed invalid. We encourage participants in NIP Proposer Season 1 hackathon to submit a complete NIP according to the provided template, while also allowing for the addition of content in formats beyond the template.

NIP Components:

  1. Author’s information***
    Please provide a self-introduction along with your contact information, email, Telegram, Twitter handle, Discord handle for further communication.
    Please make sure you leave the right contact, so that we can reach out to you.

  2. Simple Summary
    Summarize in one sentence what this NIP is about.

  3. Abstract
    Summarize the primary innovativeness of this NIP in 3-10 sentences, highlighting any changes and innovations compared to existing NFT standards, or any novel applications in specific scenarios.

  4. Motivation
    NIP motivation clearly communicate why the NIP is necessary and how it contributes to the development and improvement of the NFT ecosystem.

  5. Rationale
    NIP’s rationale aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the new standard, including the background of the problem, the objectives of the solution, and the technical details of implementation, fostering community comprehension and acceptance of the proposal.

  6. Specification (non-mandatory)
    The Specification section should describe the NIP’s syntax and semantics of any new feature and implementation details.

  7. Open-source commitment
    Author should commit that
    “I commits to open-sourcing the NIP and grants permission for developers within the Mint blockchain ecosystem to build protocols and applications based on this NIP.”


Introducing innovative NIPs to drive the evolution of Mint Blockchain, fostering community engagement and collaboration among developers and creators to shape the future of NFT technology

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