More Utilities for NFTs arrives! (Let make the world of NFT Great!)

Continuing the discussion from NIP Proposer Season 1 Submission Guideline:

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BRIEF PERSONAL INTRODUCTION :saluting_face: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’ve been around the crypto industry for years and all I can say is, “It can always get better”, I’m a trader, airdropper and a farmer as well as an NFT hunter, I engage myself in Defi Knowledge and NFTs as well as other aspects of web3, I’ve tested several protocols and participated in several projects testnet and I have vast knowledge on how they all work.


The NIP focuses on how NFT can be of more usecase in Real and Digital World, some obstacles that are affecting the adoption of NFTs and how they can be addressed.

REASON FOR THE NIP :pinching_hand:

  1. In the existing NFT realm, NFTs are yet to be used fully, meanwhile there are lot of ways by which we can all make NFT Great, NFT can be used to address a case of FCFS( First come first served), this implies that the NFT minting numbers begins to be meaningful, minting ID number of 1-1000 can attend a meeting or event or governance first, then 1001-2000 follows, this means more people will wanna mint early so as to be among the first set to be called, this posses a fair set of handling on everyone, the earlier you mint, the better for you.

This will help creators to reach more people as well as helping collectors to gain more values once more people from other blockchains will come in, it will also help to keep the blockchain active and running with several transactions

  1. In the existing NFT realm, NFTs can be used more than the way they are actually used now, they can be used in the case of real estates, where different NFTs are created by the real estate firm to represent different lot of lands, and placed on the blockchain for sale, as users buys and mint, it represent that they buy a real land or house in real life and an evidence to claim the land, a blueprint, it can also be used by the firm in survey section, where fairness is done to all, the lot you mint is the one allocated to you, the important documents can then follow up.

This will help creators and real estate firm and surveying firm get good revenues as well as helping the collectors to happily view and select easily what and what they love,

MOTIVATION :muscle::sparkles::muscle:

It should be noted that any form of NIP that is reasonable and logical is needed at this point to help the industry as a whole, meanwhile, the points I highlighted above are essential as well, as they will enhance the use case of NFTs and also bring more adoption of the block chain and cryptocurrency in General, Enhancing the interface and UI/UX designs of platforms will also help shape many people to vast usage easily since they will find it easy to navigate through the platform

RATIONALE :100: :100: :boom:

Many NFT marketplaces are still difficult to navigate and are not user-friendly for non-technical users. In addition, the current wallets for storing NFTs are often clunky and not intuitive. Improving the user experience of NFT marketplaces and wallets would make it easier for more people to discover, buy, and sell NFTs. It would also help to increase the adoption of NFTs by a wider range of users, including those who are not particularly tech-savvy.

Like as said in the abstract, NFTs could be used for a case of FCFS, where all NFT Id number matters, if a project is to call on people for testing their platform or blockchain mainnet, rather than using waitlist or mail, they can equally create an NFT, where the first set of people that minted first are the one called first for the beta testing, for example, a project needs 2000 people to test a platform in 4 model pattern (500 per batch), an NFT can be created on FCFS, sometimes with a price tag or freemint, if with a price tag, it might also create revenue for the project to have more funds to develop as well as rewarding their testers after they are balance in the market, this NFT Id will be done in such a way that once the first users with 1-500 Id NUMBER HAVE TESTED, IF AN NFT holder with Id number 501 tried to connect, it wont be connected, this will also help prevent sybil.

Also as said earlier, REAL ESTATE and other industries can use NFT to display what they have as real life assets, where what a person minted on their marketplace is exactly equivalent to a lot or an item in real life, this can make someone in HUNGRY BUY AN ITEM IN ENGLAND OR AEGENTINA EASILY ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD, and follow up with appropriate documents later, it can be used within a country or cross-country and can be modernized to make more sense in future, its an idea that when implemented well will help reshape the world of NFTa and give it more meaning.

OPEN SOURCING :white_check_mark:

I COMMITs TO OPEN sourcing the NIP and Grant permission for developers within the Mint block chain Ecosystem to build protocols and Applications based on this NIP


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