Using nfts as digital wills for your next of kin

Name: David
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What happens to your crypto and nft assets once you’re no more ? Scary thought I know, but one that has to be looked into and considered.

We all have digital wallets, how about your digital will? This digital will would be in the form of an nft.

Next of kin NFT digital will would be a new nft product that:

  1. Validates your nft as your Digital will
  2. Easy to introduce everyone to web3 and NFT’s
  3. Nft adoption made easy with nfts that have proper usecase.

Nft Digital wills would bring:

• Convenience: services can be accessed from anywhere and at any time, making it easy for individuals to create a nft digital will from the comfort of their own home.

• Cost-effective: Ethereum gas fees aside, nft digital wills would be less expensive than hiring an attorney to draft a will.

• Customization: mintblockchain (for example) would offer a variety of options and allow individuals to customize their digital nft will to their specific needs and preferences.

• Speed: The process of creating a will online is often faster than working with an attorney, as there is no need for in-person meetings.

• Storage: Mintblockchain for example would offer secure storage for the will, which can be easily accessed by the executor or beneficiaries when needed.

An nft digital will in this case would be an NFT that accounts for your online assets, presence, and more. A large portion of our lives is lived online now. We have so much NFT’S (bored ape yatch club,punks etc) and crypto assets that would would be lost forever if the owners pass away without having their nft digital will . When you pass away, all of those things need to be dealt with just like any other asset in your traditional will. This is why an nft digital will is so important. It is an NFT that is solely dedicated to sorting out your web3 online presence in the manner you want.

I envisage a future where almost everyone would have easy and early access to create a digital will in the form of an nft and that future should start right now.

“Share your digital nft will before you can’t”.

“I David commits to open-sourcing the NIP and grants permission for developers within the Mint blockchain ecosystem to build protocols and applications based on this NIP.”


Technically, if we do not go into legislative norms and notarial nuances, the idea is not bad and has been discussed for a long time.

BUT! A will requires law and a notary. You don’t save money on such things if you have something to bequeath.

At the moment there is not a complete selection between RWA, Law and NFT types. I guess we will have to wait another dozen years.

And as for tokens, namely a monetary unit in the blockchain, you can write a smart contract with your own hands or use multi-signature for that.


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