User-defined attribute NFT

  1. Author information
    Hello, I am Bingz, I have been involved in NFT trading and casting since 2020
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  2. Brief summary
    Applies to user-defined NFT properties and generates corresponding NFT images.

  3. Summary
    When initializing NFT assets, it supports user-defined NFT attributes and generates corresponding NFT images, rather than defining attributes by the project side, increasing the diversity of NFT.

4: Motivation
Based on the current ERC721 protocol, for PFP NFT projects, the pictures remain unchanged after the NFT assets are cast, and cannot be changed later. As time goes by, the NFT pictures remain unchanged, so we should increase the variability and diversity of NFT pictures, and give the variability of NFT pictures to users to operate.

  1. Fundamentals
    For example, the project side needs to sell an NFT project, then the project side can provide all the attributes of the NFT to the user when casting, and the user can choose their own attributes to generate their own unique NFT; At the same time, the project side provides an interface to modify/add attributes on the chain, which is closed by default, and so on when various festivals are encountered later, the project side will then
    By opening this interface, users can add a Santa hat attribute to their NFT when they encounter Christmas, which can increase the playability and variability of the NFT.

  2. Specifications (optional)

  3. Open Source commitment
    I committed to open sourcing NIP and grant developers within Mint’s blockchain ecosystem licenses to build protocols and applications based on this NIP.