Universal NFT Platform Standard (UNPS)

Author’s Information:
Name: Amir

Contact Information:
Email: artistasgard@gmail.com

Simple Summary:

Introducing “Universal NFT Platform Standard (UNPS).” This NIP proposes a new standard for physical platforms to seamlessly support all types of NFTs, making NFTs universally accessible across devices and ensuring a seamless user experience.


Universal NFT Platform Standard (UNPS) aims to address the current fragmentation in the NFT ecosystem by introducing a standardized framework for physical platforms to support various types of NFTs. By establishing a universal standard that ensures compatibility and interoperability across devices, UNPS enables NFTs to become accessible to a broader audience and simplifies the process of NFT integration into physical platforms. This proposal seeks to streamline the adoption of NFTs in real-world applications and promote inclusivity and accessibility in the NFT ecosystem.


The motivation behind UNPS stems from the need to overcome the existing barriers to NFT adoption, including compatibility issues and fragmentation across platforms and devices. By establishing a universal standard for NFT support on physical platforms, UNPS aims to eliminate these barriers and create a more seamless and user-friendly experience for NFT enthusiasts and creators. UNPS seeks to promote interoperability and inclusivity in the NFT ecosystem, enabling NFTs to reach a wider audience and unlock new use cases across various industries.


The rationale behind UNPS lies in the recognition of the importance of standardization in driving innovation and adoption in emerging technologies. As NFTs continue to gain traction and expand into real-world applications, there is a growing need for a standardized framework that ensures consistent support for NFTs across different platforms and devices. UNPS addresses this need by providing a comprehensive set of guidelines and specifications for physical platforms to integrate and support various types of NFTs, including artwork, collectibles, digital assets, and more. By establishing a universal standard, UNPS aims to simplify the process of NFT integration and promote the widespread adoption of NFTs in everyday life.

Specification (non-mandatory):

  • Technical Guidelines: Define technical specifications and guidelines for physical platforms to support NFTs, including compatibility requirements, data formats, and communication protocols.
  • Device Integration: Provide recommendations for integrating UNPS into existing physical platforms, such as smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and IoT devices, ensuring seamless NFT support across a wide range of devices.
  • Security Considerations: Address security best practices and considerations for handling NFTs on physical platforms, including data encryption, authentication mechanisms, and secure storage solutions.
  • User Experience: Focus on enhancing the user experience by providing guidelines for intuitive NFT discovery, exploration, and interaction on physical platforms, ensuring a seamless and engaging experience for users.

Open-Source Commitment:

I commit to open-sourcing the NIP and grant permission for developers within the Mint blockchain ecosystem to build protocols and applications based on this NIP.