Seed capital for producers!

Author : ahmad
Email :
twitter : @chainvix
discord: mehrad.x

The main problem in the world of NFTs is that most of the collections are not practical!

My suggested plan is:
There are new groups or companies in the world that are active in the field of animation content production.
They often have limited budgets, although they have high abilities!
Mint Blockchain Group should be a bridge between the producer and people who intend to invest in this field…

in two ways:

  1. The producer can sell his animation characters as NFT.
  2. The producer can have a fixed and limited collection for his own animation.

What happens now?
Buyers can participate in the profit obtained by Staking the NFTs they bought in a certain place to the amount specified by the publisher of the animation!

Three things happened here:

  1. New application of NFT
  2. Creating seed capital for producers and artists
  3. Passive income for NFT holders!

A win-win game for everyone!

Good things are coming and on the way