Restoring the real credibility of NFTs by combining them with real goods!

With the trending of various NFT markets and numerous collections, the main purpose of this industry has been questioned.
The real question is: Why is this NFT valuable?

The handiwork of an artist is definitely valuable, but it cannot be clearly accepted that this work is the handiwork of an artist or an artificial intelligence?
But there is an idea!

Currently, there are automobile companies that offer limited edition cars every year… Watch companies are the same way!
Or even the limited edition versions of Zippo lighters!
Or valuable and limited handmade works!
Think about it, connecting the world of NFTs to these assets can be wonderful!
A market where automakers present their limited edition models and customers compete with each other on price…

Every NFT = a limited edition Lamborghini!
Are you looking for a Rolex watch that will only be produced in 10 units? You’ve came to the right place. In this market, you can buy NFT and receive your watch at the time of launch!

The creation and formation of these collections should be done either by prominent manufacturers of cars and valuables, or by companies that have been authenticated to prevent any fraud.

Yes this is a good way that mint blockchain can change the game ! :wink:

Author : Mehrad
Email :
twitter : @sinarazavix
discord: mtaslimi

“I commits to open-sourcing the NIP and grants permission for developers within the Mint blockchain ecosystem to build protocols and applications based on this NIP.”