Rebasing NFTs inside wallets or through staking contract

Author’s information: I am a collector of NFTs since 2021. My discord id is: polg77 and twitter handle: PolG77.

Simple Summary: A rebasing NFT project would be a project that would initially mint a set number of nfts that would increase inside the wallet of each holder like the rebase tokens. If this is not possible technically, then it could be done by staking each nft and airdrop the new nfts to the wallets.


Instead of the usual process, where a collection of nfts is minted at ounce, a collection of let’s say 10,000 nfts could start with just 100 nfts and each one of them would double in a predetermined period of time, eg. every week or every month or everyday, until the full number of nfts is reached. I don’t know if it is technically possible, but I imagine it like the rebasing tokens, where tokens increase inside each holder’s wallet. So, by minting 1 nft and holding it in your wallet you could end up getting 10-20 or more nfts depending on the time you hold. This would make the initial nft much more valuable, and provide more excitement to collectors that would get more and more nfts in the wallet as time passes. Reveal of the actual nfts’ artwork could be done after all are delivered, eg. after 6 months, or even instantly once each new nft appears in the wallet.

Motivation: It will be a new and very innovative approach to nft minting and will attract a lot of attention from collectors, as most collectors like getting more and more nfts for a low price and the surprise of not knowing what they will get and how rare the nfts will be will make it even more attractive to them. For example, a common nft could rebase to another 100 nfts in the future and include some rare and even a legendary in them!

Rationale: This concept would benefit mainly the long-term holders that would get more value for their money, while at the same time encouraging active trading of the nfts. I don’t know if it can be implemented technically, but if it would not be possible in the way rebasing tokens increase their amount insider of holders’ wallets, it could be done via airdrops through a staking contract, where holders would stake the nfts to receive the additional nfts over time. In this case only those that stake the nft would be eligible to share the additional nfts, so if for example a collection with 10,000 nfts could start with 100 and each one of them would be entitled to 100 additional nfts for staking the maximum amount of time, but if half of them stake their nfts and the rest do not, then those 50 nfts would get 200 nfts each. This is a simple example and in reality results would vary depending on the time each nft remains staked.

I commit to open-sourcing the NIP and grants permission for developers within the Mint blockchain ecosystem to build protocols and applications based on this NIP.