NIP-Proposer-season1 Work and Work : WAW! NFT

Work and Work : WAW NFT

:one:Author’s information

:green_circle:Hello, I’m one person who is very interested in cryptocurrency and blockchain. I happened to know the Mint Blockchain project, and I’ve identified the direction and vision that Mint is pursuing, and I’ve drawn the future of the availability of innovative NFTs.

:white_check_mark:Twitter handle: @BITC0INETF
:white_check_mark:Discord handle: xrp11
:white_check_mark:Telegram: @AAAASQI

:two:Simple Summary

:green_circle:Work and Work: Waw NFT is an NFT that creates an environment where you can find a more reliable job or recruit talent.


:green_circle:1. Using WAW, users can instantly determine if a job is actually certified.

:green_circle:2. Employers can use WAW to immediately determine and hire excellent talent.

:green_circle:3. An employment platform that utilizes the characteristics of NFT creates a more trustworthy and truthful environment.

:green_circle:4. The platform grants anyone the autonomy to freely find a job or hire talent, and this creates an environment that can be applied to individuals, groups, and actual companies.


:green_circle:WAW aims to build a certified and reliable employment platform utilizing the immutability characteristics of NFT. This grants a certification mark based on NFT possession, and companies or employers can immediately determine whether the talent in question is actually a sincere talent or has actual experience. In addition, the certification mark according to NFT possession, which is granted when each condition is achieved, immediately determines whether the company or employer in question is a company that actually exists, pays pay that meets the actual conditions, or is an unscrupulous employer, providing mutual information to employers and job seekers. Through this, the employment platform using WAW activates more NFT environments and creates a more truthful and trustworthy environment than the existing system, motivating users to trust and use it.


:green_circle:As a social background, there are currently numerous jobs and an employment platform in the actual Web2 environment also exists. However, it often happens that employers or job seekers deceive or manipulate each other’s information for their own benefit. This actually leads to wasted time or material damage. However, the Web3 employment platform using WAW can prevent this more effectively. Let me give you one example.

In order to join a platform using WAW, the first conditions must be met before you can use the platform. For example, for a company, it can be anything that can authenticate a business registration number or authenticate the owner or business owner of the actual company. When a company receives the first certification, it will receive a WAW-certified NFT provided by the platform, which will be linked to the actual platform and give it the authority to post job postings.

If you are an individual employer, you must first authenticate your SNS account or mobile phone number to receive a WAW authentication NFT. Likewise, you must have a WAW NFT to obtain permission to post job postings on the platform.

Job seekers also need a WAW-certified NFT to view job postings, and this applies as well.

:ballot_box_with_check:NFT provided according to evaluation system and condition fulfillment

Job seekers and recruiters can evaluate each other. This means that by evaluating each other whether it is actually true, WAW NFTs based on the evaluation are paid and posted on the platform in the form of badges on the user’s PFP, etc.

For example, an employer posts employment conditions before hiring a talent, and if the talent actually satisfies the employment conditions and works faithfully, the employer grants the talent the right to issue a WAW. The employer must agree to this, and then the recruiter will obtain a WAW NFT (e.g., sincerity) that meets the conditions on the platform, which will immediately represent his or her career and portfolio or his or her actual sincerity or ability through the NFT.

This can be applied in a variety of ways and can represent a variety of topics. “You can issue a sincerity WAW NFT upon fully fulfilling the 30-day working conditions. Obtain consent from your employer.” “You have experience working at Amazon. If you have worked at Amazon, please obtain the consent of the relevant person to receive a WAW NFT,” etc. By using this system, employers can determine whether the actual talent or job seeker is a sincere person and has actual experience. You can make an immediate decision and hire.

On the contrary, job seekers evaluate whether the business owner or employer company is actually a genuine company. If it is an unscrupulous company or an unscrupulous employer, it is impossible to issue NFTs unless the job seeker obtains consent to issue the next-level authentication NFT. If this continues, you may be penalized for using the platform and may be subject to various restrictions. Additionally, actual companies can grant or utilize unique WAW NFTs if they are actually certified through the size of assets or the number of talents the company possesses. This allows job seekers to immediately determine whether the employer or company is genuine, creating an environment of trust for everyone.

:six:Specification (non-mandatory)

:green_circle:1. Link and partner with the existing Web2 employment platform, or build a Web3 employment platform from scratch.

:green_circle:2. Once the platform is built, we promote the platform and WAW NFTs to various companies or create advertisements to promote them.

:green_circle:3. Both employers and job seekers use the platform on the terms of the system.

:green_circle:4. As the platform becomes more active and WAW NFT is used, the NFT environment becomes more active and creates a more trustworthy environment.

:green_circle:5. Because the keyword ‘employment’ has versatility and can be used anywhere, it can also meet the conditions for mass adoption.

:seven: Open-source commitment
I commits to open-sourcing the NIP and grants permission for developers within the Mint blockchain ecosystem to build protocols and applications based on this NIP.

Thank you for reading the long post of my lack of NIP until the end.