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:one:Author’s information

:green_circle:Hello, I’m one person who is very interested in cryptocurrency and blockchain. I happened to know the Mint Blockchain project, and I’ve identified the direction and vision that Mint is pursuing, and I’ve drawn the future of the availability of innovative NFTs.
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:two:Simple Summary

:green_circle:Reliability Improvement Review Service Using NFTs


:green_circle:Utilizing this NIP provides the following advantages:

  1. Users write genuine reviews, just like when using KYC.
  2. This can be used in restaurants, stores, and any other place where reviews of various service areas can be posted.
  3. Through the advantage of the NFT feature, users can distinguish whether the service is fake or real, so they have more trust and use the service.
  4. Using review NFTs, product or product sellers using the platform can suggest or use the next step that can be applied as discount coupons, membership, etc.


:green_circle:The reason review NFTs are needed is because they provide a system that benefits both sellers and buyers.

Sellers can use review NFTs to attract more customers, and review NFTs can be developed into discount NFTs, event NFTs, and membership NFTs.

Buyers can use more reliable stores and services, and customers can use more reliable stores and services.

This will be an opportunity to receive additional benefits through the provided NFT.


:green_circle:Nowadays, there are a lot of services and stores, and there are a lot of reviews evaluating those stores and services. However, among the countless reviews, there are fake or manipulated reviews, and even the store or service provider uses money to hire people who specialize in posting reviews to write fake reviews.

For example, you may visit a restaurant that has a score of 4.8/5.0 or many good reviews on Google, but the quality of the food or service may deteriorate in proportion to the score or good reviews. Review NFTs prevent this and create more trustworthy interactions.

Let’s give an example based on a restaurant that has applied review NFT.

The restaurant has a variety of menus, and when you purchase each food, an NFT appropriate for that food is provided.

This is a certificate that actually shows that the person who purchased the food or received the service actually purchased or received it.

Additionally, by owning the NFT, the review NFT holder will have the authority to evaluate or write a review of the store or restaurant that provided the service on the actually implemented review platform.

If a buyer who uses a store or service collects a certain number of review NFTs or writes more than a certain number of reviews, the seller can set various benefits or events.
(If you collect 10 Lemonade review NFTs, you will receive a 10% discount coupon or discount NFT for a hamburger, membership pass or limited NFT, etc.)

In addition, by activating the review NFT, a trustworthy system can be established for both sellers and users, and the activation of NFT and cryptocurrency payment system can be created. (Review NFT provided when paying with cryptocurrency, etc.)

People will want more trustworthy reviews and will seek out and visit authentic stores and services.

:six:Specification (non-mandatory)

:green_circle:The usability and application scenarios of review NFTs are diverse.

  1. Once the platform is established, promote it to stores or service providers who want truth or reliability and build a system.

  2. It can be a restaurant, an Uber service, or anything you want to review and rate.

  3. Stores or service companies registered on the platform can decide in advance which products to provide review NFTs and plan various events using them.

  4. Holders of review NFTs will obtain the relevant NFT and at the same time gain the right to write or evaluate reviews on the review platform.

  5. These reviews and ratings cannot be modified, cannot be manipulated, and are truthful and reliable.

  6. Each seller, store, or service provider can apply to NFT holders as an event that develops into a discount NFT, actual discount coupon, or membership card based on a certain quantity or review writing criteria.

:seven:Open-source commitment
:green_circle:I commits to open-sourcing the NIP and grants permission for developers within the Mint blockchain ecosystem to build protocols and applications based on this NIP.

My NIP is still lacking a lot but thank you to everyone who read my long post to the end.:pray:


Thank you, this is a great and very well put forward proposal, success.

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