NIP-Proposer-season1 Call Director or Call Defense NFT

:one:Author’s information

:green_circle:Hello, I’m one person who is very interested in cryptocurrency and blockchain. I happened to know the Mint Blockchain project, and I’ve identified the direction and vision that Mint is pursuing, and I’ve drawn the future of the availability of innovative NFTs.
:white_check_mark:Twitter handle: @BITC0INETF
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:two:Simple Summary

:green_circle:This NFT, called Call Director or Call Defense, connects only to trusted family, acquaintances, and everyone else, and users use the NFT to protect themselves from external illegality or fraud.


:green_circle:1. The NFT acts as a filter in the middle of existing communication services, providing users with immediate reliability and judgment.

:green_circle:2. Users directly deliver the NFT to people they trust, creating interaction between people they trust.

:green_circle:3. The place where the NFT is operated can be a platform or an application. Assuming it is a platform, it provides basic functions to protect itself from the outside and has the feature of being able to be used as a PFP between users.

:green_circle:4. Because communication is used and needed worldwide, it provides high versatility and has characteristics that can promote mass adoption. In addition, this is not limited to just between individuals, but can be used in a variety of ways, such as in jobs where identities should not be exposed, or between entrepreneurs or companies, or in cases where trust is required only internally.

:green_circle:5. The operator of the platform or application that uses the relevant NFT can provide and grant features such as lifting restrictions on the number of NFTs issued and lifting various PFP restrictions to long-term NFT users or premium services. This creates an environment that can benefit both operators and users.


:green_circle:The reason why the NFT, called Call Director or Call Defense (can also be used as a platform or application name) is needed, is to grant NFTs only to parties that the user trusts, thereby preventing impersonation, fraud, spam, etc. from (external) parties that the user does not trust. The purpose is to prevent and protect. When the relevant NFT is activated on the platform or application, the user obtains basic NFT issuance rights during the period of use by using vouchers, membership rights, etc. For example, if you have obtained the basic issuance rights of 50, you will directly deliver NFTs to a total of 50 people you trust (family, acquaintances, relatives, insiders who maintain confidentiality in the case of a company, etc.). When you receive a call, the application or platform is automatically activated and the authentication mark or badge (any sign that can be authenticated) is displayed in a pop-up window or on the phone only to the person holding the NFT. This acts as an intermediate filter. By using the NFT, users can immediately distinguish between calls made and delivered directly to trusted parties, protecting themselves from the outside world and providing high privacy. In addition, this is not only a functional part, but also provides an opportunity to express various personalities to each other by applying PFP. By using this, users will be able to make higher-quality and more reliable calls than existing call services, and they can trust and trust the person who delivered the message directly. Platform or application operators can provide long-term customers or premium services to increase or adjust the issuance limit of NFTs, and create an environment that can trigger unique trends by providing various PFPs.


:green_circle:Today, there are various methods such as phishing scams using AI technology and deepfake technology, impersonation calls using personal information theft, and voice phishing. Of course, this can be prevented with a little effort or caution. However, you can prevent and prevent them more completely by using Call Director or Call Defense. It is more trustworthy because the NFT is issued and directly delivered only to users that the user trusts, and it can be made into a trend by applying a variety of unique PFPs to the authentication mark that appears when a call is made between users. Additionally, long-term members or users of premium services can obtain a larger number of NFTs issued or secure unique PFPs in addition to the basic PFP provided by the platform or application. The system can also be operated in the following ways. All users can post their own PFP on the platform or application. When a phone call is successfully made between authenticated users, a certain amount of points are collected, and the points are used to extend the period of the voucher or to exchange, purchase and sell the posted PFP. This is an example of an applied operation method.

:six:Specification (non-mandatory)

:green_circle:1. Implement call director or call defense NFT, and implement platform or application.

:green_circle:2. Recruit influencers or beta testers to provide test services for a certain period of time and hold various events. (Review of use, provision of official license when writing bug reporters, provision of limited PFP, etc.)

:green_circle:3. When implemented in practice, it will have the versatility that can be used worldwide, and can also post or promote advertisements from various advertisers on the platform or application.

:green_circle:4. Because of the invariance, which is the unique characteristic of NFTs, and the NFT was delivered only to the person selected by the user, it will be free from impersonation, AI, deepfake, voice modulation, and various scams using voice phishing calls.

:green_circle:5.This is not limited to individuals, but can be applied and applied to users including entrepreneurs and insiders who need to maintain security.

:seven: Open-source commitment

:green_circle:I commits to open-sourcing the NIP and grants permission for developers within the Mint blockchain ecosystem to build protocols and applications based on this NIP.

Thank you for reading the long post of my lack of NIP until the end.