NIP-Proposer-season1 Body Mint NFT

:one:Author’s information

Hello, I’m one person who is very interested in cryptocurrency and blockchain. I happened to know the Mint Blockchain project, and I’ve identified the direction and vision that Mint is pursuing, and I’ve drawn the future of the availability of innovative NFTs.
Twitter handle: @BITC0INETF
Discord handle: xrp11
Telegram: @AAAASQI

:two:Simple Summary

:green_circle:This NFT, called Body Mint, is an NFT that allows you to receive and post a certificate for actual efforts by setting exercise goals and issuing them as NFTs by building a system directly on the InBody equipment placed in the gym where we use weight training.


:green_circle:1. The NFT may be slightly lacking in scalability. This may be just for sports enthusiasts, but it can reward your efforts with instant data certificates.

:green_circle:2. This is a certificate that reflects the person’s actual efforts and cannot be forged, altered, or manipulated.

:green_circle:3. When linked to the platform, you can assign grades and levels to each NFT and encourage high participation from enthusiasts.

:green_circle:4. On the platform provided, for each NFT that matches the grade, the right to post photos, the right to view or watch exercise methods, or the right to directly post professional weight training methods, etc. is granted to increase the user’s actual exercise participation rate and the desire to own NFTs. promotes. You can also set up an event in partnership with a gym, or you can plan an event by signing an agreement with a protein supplement company (discount coupons, etc.). This creates an environment for interaction and profit between the platform’s operators and affiliates by encouraging higher participation from sports enthusiasts and enthusiasts.

:green_circle:5. This cannot be manipulated or modified because it records your body information measured by the instrument on a real in-body device that is linked to a real platform. This can lead to more effective participation by enthusiasts or influencers who want to show off their bodies.


:green_circle:The NFT is issued only when body information meets the target set by the user on the platform and the in-body device is measured.
For example, when a user sets up a three-month program, the appropriate skeletal muscle mass, fat mass, and weight will theoretically be set. “Three-month program setup. You’ll get a dumbbell-rated NFT if you complete the following conditions. Achieve the conditions! Weight 80kg / Skeletal muscle mass 40 / Body fat mass 14kg.” If you measure an in-body device without this condition being met, the NFT will not be issued.
This can increase engagement and motivate users to exercise because it can only be achieved through actual effort. In addition, when using the platform, you can assign a grade to the NFT such as dumbbell grade, barbell grade, bench press grade, and squat grade, and grant permissions appropriate for the grade, making you want to own the NFT with actual effort.


:green_circle:There are many people on social media such as Twitter and Instagram who want to show off and receive attention by showing off themselves or posting good images of themselves. However, while there are people who have achieved it through real effort, there are also people who create fictional images by manipulating, stealing, or impersonating other people’s photos. Among enthusiasts, this can be a means to recognize it as a certificate of actual effort, and since NFTs are issued only when exercise participants complete the goals they set and undergo InBody measurement, it can induce high participation. In addition, this can create an environment where people can enjoy various economic benefits while engaging in a hobby called exercise with NFT’s level-specific rights on the operating platform.

For example, the basic level of NFT permission is basic bulletin board viewing rights. The next level is the right to watch videos provided on the platform or write posts directly. A higher level gives you the authority to create and post your own weight training exercise know-how or video, and may increase platform participation by awarding points only for popular posts or videos or providing various event benefits. . Also, since this is a real certificate, it can create a competitive structure among enthusiasts to show off each other. The platform can also hold events through partnerships with various gyms, protein supplement sales companies, weight training aid sales companies, etc.

:six:Specification (non-mandatory)

:green_circle:1. Because the platform has a specialized nature, it must be planned and designed in advance with several weight training experts or companies before planning.

:green_circle:2. If this is actually applied, promotions will be proposed and promoted to famous health trainers, influencers, muscle mania, etc.

:green_circle:3. Users can set their desired target value on the platform, and since the platform and the InBody measurement device are linked, NFT issuance is not possible if the user does not reach the set target value.

:green_circle:4. NFT This is a certificate of actual effort, and the more difficult the NFT is, the more rights and benefits it receives depending on the level.

:green_circle:5. By providing or posting information to each other, platform users provide economic activity by gaining the points or specific benefits provided by the platform.

:green_circle:6. You can show off yourself or create a competitive landscape among certain enthusiasts in influencer, create an environment that is actually certified, and induce high participation.

Additionally, it may naturally create an environment for a special trend or become a trend.

:seven:Open-source commitment

:green_circle:I commits to open-sourcing the NIP and grants permission for developers within the Mint blockchain ecosystem to build protocols and applications based on this NIP.

Thank you for reading the long post of my lack of NIP until the end.

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