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In fact, NFT is part of the blockchain. Therefore, the NFT buyer can later verify that he is the sole owner of the asset he purchased. Once paid, nothing can cancel the ownership rights to the NFT held by the buyer. NFT is also a digital asset that cannot be reproduced repeatedly. The NFT owned by the buyer is unique and can be proven through proof of purchase in blockchain with cryptocurrency. NFTs are blockchain-based digital assets that can represent certain objects, such as paintings and other properties. They are considered one of the best methods for buying and selling digital assets. Because, NFT provides ownership certification that only buyers and sellers can access. blockchain technology in NFTs provides artists with guarantees of ownership of their work. It is a way for digital artists who have been struggling with the dangers of plagiarism and creative theft. NFT is strictly speaking a business industry. Therein, NFTs are often used as a link between physical assets, such as proof of ownership of land or other property. Physical title deeds that can be stored are considered more secure in blockchain with a short verification process.

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  2. Помощь в тестировании 5G
  3. Мой вариант использовать NFT для предприятий связан с ростом внедрения 5G. Процесс оцифровки активов облегчает сбор атрибутов на платформе управления цифровыми активами, что приводит к созданию цифрового двойника каждого актива. Это может хорошо подойти для тестирования 5G.
  4. После оцифровки активов можно использовать контракты NFT для передачи прав собственности на эти активы, которые можно монетизировать
  5. Цифровые двойники могут развиваться по мере взаимодействия друг с другом и интеллектуально декомплексировать любую отраслевую вертикаль, где они применяются. В конечном итоге это приводит к формированию уникальной децентрализованной экосистемы, которая может быть масштабирована в отношении широкого спектра рынков, например, телекоммуникационного. Цифровые двойники дают компаниям возможность тестировать новые среды 5G и проводить техническое обслуживание уже развернутых сетей без существенных сбоев. Оцифровав каждый актив цепочки поставок, можно облегчить ее физическую реализацию, упрощая для заказчика потребление, масштабирование и коммерциализацию сетей.

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If you are submitting your work for NIP Proposer Season 1 Hackathon, please follow the template articulated below! Thanks!

NIP Submission Template

A NIP should include the following 7 components. Failure to include key elements may result in the submission being deemed invalid. We encourage participants in NIP Proposer Season 1 hackathon to submit a complete NIP according to the provided template, while also allowing for the addition of content in formats beyond the template.

NIP Components:

  1. Author’s information***
    Please provide a self-introduction along with your contact information such as email, Telegram, Twitter handle, etc., for further communication.
    Please make sure you leave the right contact, so that we can reach out to you.
  2. Simple Summary
    Summarize in one sentence what this NIP is about.
  3. Abstract
    Summarize the primary innovativeness of this NIP in 3-10 sentences, highlighting any changes and innovations compared to existing NFT standards, or any novel applications in specific scenarios.
  4. Motivation
    NIP motivation clearly communicate why the NIP is necessary and how it contributes to the development and improvement of the NFT ecosystem.
  5. Rationale
    NIP’s rationale aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the new standard, including the background of the problem, the objectives of the solution, and the technical details of implementation, fostering community comprehension and acceptance of the proposal.
  6. Specification (non-mandatory)
    The Specification section should describe the NIP’s syntax and semantics of any new feature and implementation details.
  7. Open-source commitment
    Author should commit that
    “I commits to open-sourcing the NIP and grants permission for developers within the Mint blockchain ecosystem to build protocols and applications based on this NIP.
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my name : Filip telegram: @Moon_223344 twitter: @BladkeyB8669 discord: filipognev Help with 5G testing My option to use NFTs for businesses is due to the increase in 5G adoption. The process of asset digitization facilitates the collection of attributes in a digital asset management platform, resulting in the creation of a digital twin of each asset. This could be good for 5G testing. Once assets are digitized, NFT contracts can be used to transfer ownership of those assets, which can be monetized. Digital twins can evolve as they interact with each other and intelligently decomplex any industry vertical where they are applied. Ultimately, this leads to the formation of a unique decentralized ecosystem that can be scaled across a wide range of markets, such as telecommunications. Digital twins give companies the ability to test new 5G environments and perform maintenance on existing networks without significant disruption. By digitizing every supply chain asset, its physical implementation can be facilitated, making it easier for the customer to consume, scale, and commercialize networks.

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