NIP Proposer Season 1 Submission

Use NFT as a share of a restaurant. My dream is to open a stake &burger charcoal grill NFT themed restaurant and a nft collection based on the restaurant.
Holders of the NFT will receive a share of the business revenue every month/year. Change the restaurant theme accordingly with the demand:(ex) other nfts creators can advertise they nfts in the restaurant and we can change the theme, this month is pudgy penguin next month is opepen and go on. it will help bring adoption to nft. And we can charge the nft brads to displace their theme, create events and promotion for each nft brands, and our nft holder will receive a share revenue of everything.after we consolidate we then start to sell franchises around the world. This is my idea to bring nft to the world.

The other idea is create a nft collection to raise funds to plant a very big forest :deciduous_tree: of kaya Senegalese (African mahogany) in Brazil. Then after 18years sell it for x1000 and share all with the nft holders, and in the main time willing it is growing sell carbon title to companies around the world, maybe create a own coin to do this carbon transaction, and this way we help save the planet and also make a lot o money together.
Each acre of mahogany cost about $7000 to plant and $1milion to sell after 18 years in todays price, but the price my grow about 300%. + in the coming years, because the demand is growing day by day and there is less and less wood in the world.

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