NIP Proposal: Pop Mint - Onchain Blind Box NFT Swap Protocol

NIP Components:

1. Author’s information

Alexander, a veteran player and buidler in both the physical fashion world and the NFT field. My unique perspective, blending expertise in physical fashion trends with a keen interest in NFTs, contributes to the distinctive approach of NFT mass adoption.

For any further communication, please reach me through:)

2. Summary

Pop Mint, a trailblazing liquidity solution with real-world demand, introduces the decentralized Blind Box NFT Swap Protocol. Specializing in limited-edition artistically designed onchain blind box NFTs and lifestyle products, Pop Mint utilizes decentralization, fairness, on-chain oracles, and smart contracts to revolutionize the NFT market.

3. Abstract

Pop Mint elevates the concept of onchain blind boxes by introducing a onchain Blind Box NFT Swap Protocol. This groundbreaking protocol offers liquidity solution and lifestyle products to NFT field by realizing onchain blind box and , leveraging on-chain oracles, and smart contracts to ensure fully decentralization as well as fairness. Pop Mint addresses liquidity, value retention, and playability issues, providing a novel and equitable NFT ecosystem with tangible real-world demand.

4. Motivation

Motivated by the success of physical blind boxes such as Pop Mart, Pop Mint aims to bring the excitement of curated collections into the digital space. The protocol addresses challenges in the NFT ecosystem, such as liquidity constraints, the need for incentives for long-term holders, and user fatigue. By implementing onchain blind box approach, Pop Mint enhances liquidity, ensures value retention, and renews enthusiasm for long-term NFT ownership.

5. Rationale

Built upon the success of onchain blind boxes, Pop Mint embraces decentralization and fairness. The protocol operates on the principle of “Code is Law,” eliminating direct interventions. The design, inspired by the curated collections approach, solves liquidity issues and introduces innovative features. With on-chain oracles and smart contracts, Pop Mint ensures transparency and fairness, bringing the excitement of onchain blind boxes to the decentralized NFT space.

6. Specification (non-mandatory)

The Pop Mint protocol defines a onchain Blind Box NFT Swap mechanism, combining various on-chain random number schemes. Utilizing on-chain oracle providers such as chainlink and fully onchain data storage as well as verification, the protocol ensures a fair and transparent system. Specifically , Pop Mint introduces a novel NFT rebirth mechanism, allowing users to swap their onchain blind box NFTs for other curated NFTs, enhancing the excitement and fairness of the onchain blind box experience.

Code examples for different source of random number:

(1) based on oracle providers

contract RandomGenerator is VRFConsumerBase {
    bytes32 public reqId;
    uint256 public randomNumber;
    constructor(address _vrfCoordinator, address _link) VRFConsumerBase(_vrfCoordinator, _link) public {
    function fulfillRandomness(bytes32 requestId, uint256 randomness) external override {
        reqId = requestId;
        randomNumber = randomness;

(2) based mixed data from onchain and other sources

contract GenerateRandomNumberWithBlockData {

    function generateRandomNumber(uint256 max)
        returns (uint256)
            ) % max;

7. Open-source commitment

“I commit to open-sourcing the Pop Mint protocol and grant permission for developers within the Mint blockchain ecosystem to build protocols and applications based on this NIP.”

8. Conclusion:

Pop Mint’s onchain Blind Box NFT Swap Protocol brings the thrill of onchain blind box experiences into the digital era. Rooted in the success of physical blind boxes, Pop Mint utilizes on-chain oracles, and other multiple source of random number to create an engaging and equitable NFT market. The open-source commitment ensures transparency and collaboration within the Mint blockchain ecosystem, fostering the development of protocols and applications based on the innovative Pop Mint concept.


dope! if the concept of a blind swap aggregator is introduced, the potential market is significant


very good use of the oracle


yes! as a non-fragmented liquidity solution, oracle is a key technical support in it

sure. after liquidity enters, the ecosystem will continue to thrive

Love the idea brother. Sounds like a great idea. Digital consensus via oracle plays a huge role