NIP Proposal - NFT Applications for Intellectual Property and Supply Chains

I am Usoro Emmanuel


Telegram: @Usoro_Emmanuel

X (Twitter): @UsoroEmmanuel

Discord: usoro9525

Simple Summary: This NIP proposes NFT integrations to manage intellectual property rights and product supply chains.

Abstract: This NIP outlines using NFTs to establish digital ownership of intellectual property like patents. It also proposes NFT-enabled transparent tracking of physical products through supply chains.

Motivation: NFTs can transform IP management by enabling fractional ownership and licensing. For supply chains, NFTs present an opportunity to track goods securely across global distribution networks. This NIP aims to unlock these use cases at scale.

Rationale: Physical records make IP ownership challenging to parse, especially when assets are fractionally owned. Product supply chains similarly rely on fragmented paper trails. Anchoring NFTs on blockchain solves these inefficiencies by establishing immutable proof of ownership and transaction histories.


  • IP owners can mint NFTs representing ownership stakes, which are tradable on marketplaces.
  • Licenses can be fractionally tokenized as NFTs with defined usage rights.
  • For supply chain tracking, NFT tags are attached to goods like pharmaceuticals.
  • The NFTs contain supply chain data like manufacturing details, shipment records, and chain of custody.
  • Scanning the NFTs provides transparent lifecycle tracking from production to retail.
  • This framework leverages NFTs to modernize IP management and end-to-end product tracking.

Open Source Commitment: I commit to open-sourcing this NIP to facilitate community-led integrations between NFTs, IP rights, and supply chain transparency, and grants permission for developers within the Mint blockchain ecosystem to build protocols and applications based on this NIP. Also I welcome community contributions.

Thank you!