NIP (NFT improvement Proposal) - "MintDAO"

NIP Submission Template

Author’s Information
Name: QTee
Telegram: thodiacantho
Discord: vovi68

Simple Summary
One-sentence summary of this NIP: Proposing a new NFT standard to increase flexibility and application in various fields.

This NIP proposes a new NFT standard with innovations compared to current NFT standards, focusing on increasing flexibility, compatibility, and application in specific contexts. The main goal is to help develop and expand the NFT ecosystem, while creating new opportunities for developers and users.

This NIP is necessary to meet the growing demands of the NFT ecosystem, while improving the quality and innovation of related projects. This NIP will contribute to the development and improvement of the NFT ecosystem, creating a solid foundation for sustainable development.

This NIP provides a comprehensive understanding of the new standard, including the context of the issue, the goal of the solution, and technical details about implementation. This will make it easier for the community to access and accept the proposal, while creating conditions for the development and application of the new standard in the NFT ecosystem.

Specification (non-mandatory)
The Specification section should describe the syntax and semantics of any new features as well as details about implementation.

Open-source Commitment
I commit to opening the source code for this NIP and allowing developers in the Mint blockchain ecosystem to build protocols and applications based on this NIP.