NIP (NFT improvement Proposal) - Authors and NFT vs Book Publishers

  1. Vladimir. I have been working with texts for 20 years.
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  2. Publishing books using NFTs. Protection of copyright, opportunity to reward readers with an airdrop for owning NFTs with the author’s novel.

  3. The author has written a book and wants to sell it without resorting to the services of publishing houses. 99 percent of the book (excluding the ending) is divided into 1000 NFT parts with text that is revealed only after purchase (minting NFT). The collection is listed for sale with a fixed duration (from 1 day to 3 months). After the complete sale of the collection or the end of the sales period, NFT owners can claim the entire book and read it in full. To ensure that collections (from renowned authors) are successful and more valuable, the collection’s description includes the author’s commitment to pay an airdrop to NFT owners (10 to 50 percent of the fee for releasing the book on paper or adapting it into a movie).

  4. Expanding the use of NFTs. Texts, videos, and more. Attracts a new audience. Contributes to the development and popularization of the NFT market.

  5. Similar to Kickstarter, but better. Since the book (product) already exists. The reader will definitely receive it. And the author does not need internet platforms or publishing houses.

  6. I commit to open-sourcing the NIP and grant permission for developers within the Mint blockchain ecosystem to build protocols and applications based on this NIP.