NIP(NFT) improvement plan Innovation in NFT warranty for high-end brands



The high-end brand market is very comprehensive and wide, but the copy market is very active, so it is often difficult for genuine buyers to suffer or feel differentiated. Warranty Using NFTs, we can provide continuous benefits by issuing NFTs and issuing guarantees of limited-edition items as NFTs, preventing the purchase of copy and continuing membership attraction and benefits.


The goal is to take the lead in preventing copy purchases by concluding collaborations and partnerships with high-end brands seeking NFT guarantees. In addition, differentiation is provided through NFT warranties from genuine purchasers, and NFT warranties issued to products such as limited editions for specific events can provide ongoing membership benefits. Through this, we build a Web3 platform for high-end brands to activate cryptocurrency payments and encourage the activation of brand markets and NFT markets.

  1. NIP can be used as an NFT certificate for high-end brands, providing an anti-counterfeiting effect.

  2. Through this, consumers who purchase specific limited edition items can receive the NFT certificate of ownership for the product.

  3. The NFT certificate serves as a continuous membership for the owner, providing associated benefits with the brand.

Motivation: NIP clearly communicates the reasons and value for its contribution to the development and improvement of the NFT ecosystem. This allows consumers to authenticate the authenticity and ownership of high-end brand products, while brands can establish close relationships with consumers to increase loyalty.

Theoretical Basis: NIP presents the background of the problem and the goals of the solution. It also explains the technical details and implementation methods of the NFT, promoting understanding and acceptance within the community. This enables a clearer communication of the value and innovation of NIP.

Specifications: This supports effective implementation and adoption of NIP, helping relevant stakeholders to easily understand and adopt it. In summary, NIP offers key innovations such as the utilization of NFT certificates for high-end brands, anti-counterfeiting measures, continuous membership benefits, and brand associations. The motivation emphasizes the importance of NIP for the development and improvement of the NFT ecosystem, while the theoretical basis provides a comprehensive understanding of the problem background and implementation details. The specifications section explains the specific features and implementation methods of NIP to support its effective application.

Through collaboration and partnership with high-end brands that want to mass adopt NFT guarantees in the future, we can issue NFT guarantees, and by providing them, customers can have better services. Furthermore, by activating a dedicated high-end brand trading platform for NFT guarantees, each brand uses that platform to help adopt cryptocurrency and activate NFTs.

Development phase

  1. Partnership or collaboration with high-end brands that want NFT guarantees

  2. Issuing NFT guarantees and providing continuous benefits only for certain items or limited-edition items (such as discounts on seasonal products such as membership lounge use, etc.)

  3. Integrating high-end trading platforms for NFT guarantees and launching coins exclusively for platforms.

  4. Using the coin, actual products are purchased and cryptocurrency is activated.

  5. Buyers gain unique differentiation by utilizing the platform dedicated to receiving NFT guarantees and can be applied in multiple ways.