NFT Improvement Proposal (NIP) - “MintDAO”

“MintDAO: Decentralized Autonomous Organization for Tokenized Asset Management.”

1/ Author’s Information
:chart: Greetings! I’m Oz, a blockchain enthusiast with a vision for democratizing asset management. Connect with me via email:, Telegram: nhutqui2309, Twitter: @nhutqui2309, and Discord: hochiminh1890.bnb. Excited to introduce MintDAO for decentralized and accessible asset management!

2/ Simple Summary
:globe_with_meridians: “MintDAO” proposes a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) on the Mint blockchain for tokenized asset management, enabling users to tokenize and collectively manage a variety of assets.

3/ Abstract
:globe_with_meridians: “MintDAO” envisions a DAO that allows users to tokenize and collectively manage various assets on the Mint blockchain. This proposal aims to democratize asset management, providing users with a decentralized platform to contribute, vote, and benefit from tokenized assets.

4/ Motivation
:moneybag: Motivated by the desire to make asset management accessible to all, “MintDAO” addresses the challenges in traditional investment methods. This proposal aims to empower users by allowing them to participate in a decentralized autonomous organization focused on tokenized assets.

5/ Rationale
:globe_with_meridians: The rationale behind “MintDAO” is to leverage the decentralization features of the Mint blockchain to create a DAO for tokenized assets. This NIP outlines how a decentralized autonomous organization can provide collective decision-making, liquidity, and inclusivity in the asset management space.

6/ Specification (non-mandatory)
:scroll: The MintDAO leverages decentralized governance for transparent tokenized asset management. Key features include:

  • Proposal Creation: Users create proposals transparently.
  • Voting Mechanism: Transparent voting proportional to users’ stake.
  • Execution: Proposals autonomously executed upon reaching quorum.
  • Tokenized Asset Management: Collective management via proposals.
  • Governance Token: Voting rights based on governance token holdings.
  • Decentralized Decision-Making: Power distributed for fairness.
  • Open-source Commitment: Transparent, open-source smart contract.
  • Continuous Improvement: Upgradeable for ongoing enhancements.

MintDAO enables decentralized decision-making and transparent asset management on the Mint blockchain, fostering inclusivity and continuous improvement.

// MintDAO Smart Contract
contract MintDAO {
struct Proposal {
address proposer;
string description;
uint256 votesFor;
uint256 votesAgainst;
bool executed;

mapping(uint256 => Proposal) public proposals;
uint256 public totalProposals;

function createProposal(string memory description) external {
    // Implement secure and transparent proposal creation logic
    proposals[totalProposals] = Proposal(msg.sender, description, 0, 0, false);

function voteOnProposal(uint256 proposalId, bool inFavor) external {
    // Implement secure and transparent voting logic
    require(!proposals[proposalId].executed, "Proposal already executed");
    if (inFavor) {
    } else {

function executeProposal(uint256 proposalId) external {
    // Implement secure and transparent proposal execution logic
    require(proposals[proposalId].votesFor > proposals[proposalId].votesAgainst, "Not enough support");
    proposals[proposalId].executed = true;

7/ Open-source Commitment
:link: “I commit to open-sourcing ‘MintDAO,’ inviting developers within the Mint blockchain community to collaborate on building a decentralized autonomous organization for tokenized asset management. Let’s empower the community to collectively manage a diverse range of investments!”

Link Twitter: