Multiple NFTS can be merged into a single NFT(same collection of NFTS)

  1. Author information
    Hello, my name is alex and I have been involved in NFT trading and casting since 2021
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  2. Brief summary
    Multiple NFTS applicable to the same collection can be fused into a single NFT with higher rarity and more attributes.

  3. Summary
    The user can choose to merge multiple NFTS under the unified collection held by the user into another NFT with higher rarity (the same collection), and the selected NFT will be automatically destroyed.

4: Motivation
Most current NFTS have two states: a blind box and a final open image, after which the image is permanently unchanged. If you can support users to merge multiple NFTS into a single NFT with higher rarity, you can improve the playability of NFT and further improve the mobility of NFT.

  1. Fundamentals
    For example, when the project is released, the total number is 10,000, and at the beginning, it is in a blind box state. In order to buy NFT with higher rarity, users will buy multiple ones and gamble on luck. After all, the one with higher rarity will be rich. If you don’t have a rare NFT, then most users will
    Sell at floor value and cut your losses. If there is now one more option: fusing NFTS, then users may buy multiple NFTS and then fuse them into a rarer NFT. This not only improves the fluidity of NFT, but also increases the playability of NFT.

  2. Specifications (optional)

  3. Open Source commitment
    I committed to open sourcing NIP and grant developers within Mint’s blockchain ecosystem licenses to build protocols and applications based on this NIP.