"MintBounties - Decentralized Bounty Platform."

1/ Author’s Information
:bulb: Greetings! I’m Oz, a blockchain enthusiast with a vision for democratizing asset management. Connect with me via email: lenhutqui2309@gmail.com, Telegram: nhutqui2309, Twitter: @nhutqui2309, and Discord: hochiminh1890.bnb… Excited to introduce MintBounties for decentralized incentivized collaboration!

2/ Simple Summary
:gift: “MintBounties” proposes a decentralized platform on the Mint blockchain for creating and managing bounties, fostering collaboration and innovation through incentivized tasks.

3/ Abstract
:gift: “MintBounties” envisions a decentralized bounty platform that allows users to create, fund, and complete bounties for various tasks on the Mint blockchain. This proposal innovatively addresses the need for incentivized collaboration, encouraging developers and contributors to participate in the growth of the Mint ecosystem.

4/ Motivation :gift: Motivated by the desire to stimulate collaboration, “MintBounties” aims to create a decentralized and transparent platform where users can crowdsource talent for specific tasks, thereby accelerating the development and improvement of the Mint blockchain.

5/ Rationale
:gift: The rationale behind “MintBounties” is to leverage the Mint blockchain’s features to create a decentralized bounty platform. This NIP outlines how the platform incentivizes contributors, accelerates development, and builds a sense of community engagement within the Mint ecosystem.

6/ Specification (non-mandatory)
:gift: “MintBounties” specifications include an intuitive user interface for creating and managing bounties, a secure smart contract protocol for handling bounty transactions, and a reputation system to recognize and reward consistent contributors. The open-source commitment ensures transparency and continuous improvement.
While “MintBounties” and “MintDAO” can be separate entities, they can also be integrated to create a comprehensive ecosystem.

Integration Approach:

  • MintDAO Governance for Bounties: MintDAO can be utilized as a governance layer overseeing the creation and management of bounties on the Mint blockchain. The DAO can collectively decide on bounty categories, funding allocation, and strategic directions for incentivized collaboration.
  • MintBounties as a DApp: MintBounties can function as a decentralized application (DApp) within the MintDAO ecosystem, serving as the practical platform where users create, manage, and complete bounties. This DApp would interact with the governance decisions made by MintDAO, ensuring alignment with the broader community goals.

Benefits of Integration:

  1. Unified Ecosystem: Integrating MintBounties with MintDAO creates a unified ecosystem where incentivized collaboration is governed collectively by the community.
  2. Community Engagement: Contributors participating in MintBounties are also engaged with the broader MintDAO community, fostering a sense of shared purpose and collaboration.
  3. Decentralized Decision-Making: MintDAO’s decentralized governance ensures that decisions related to bounties are made collectively, preventing centralization and enhancing transparency.
  4. Continuous Improvement: The MintDAO can collectively decide on improvements and upgrades to the MintBounties platform, ensuring that the bounty system evolves according to the community’s needs.


  • Flexibility: The integration approach allows for flexibility. MintBounties and MintDAO can function together or independently based on community preferences and needs.
  • Interoperability: Ensuring interoperability between MintBounties and MintDAO is crucial for a seamless experience, enabling users to participate in both ecosystems effortlessly.

In summary, MintBounties can be part of the MintDAO ecosystem, contributing to a decentralized, incentivized, and collaborative environment on the Mint blockchain.

Here’s a simplified example of a MintBounties contract using Solidity. Please note that this is a basic illustration, and you might need to add more features and security measures based on your specific requirements.

// SPDX-License-Identifier: MIT
pragma solidity ^0.8.0;

contract MintBounties {
address public owner;
uint256 public totalBounties;

event BountyCreated(uint256 indexed bountyId, address indexed creator, string title, uint256 reward);
event BountyCompleted(uint256 indexed bountyId, address indexed completer);

struct Bounty {
    address creator;
    string title;
    string description;
    uint256 reward;
    bool completed;

mapping(uint256 => Bounty) public bounties;

modifier onlyOwner() {
    require(msg.sender == owner, "Not the owner");

modifier bountyExists(uint256 bountyId) {
    require(bountyId <= totalBounties && bountyId > 0, "Bounty does not exist");

modifier bountyNotCompleted(uint256 bountyId) {
    require(!bounties[bountyId].completed, "Bounty already completed");

constructor() {
    owner = msg.sender;

function createBounty(string memory title, string memory description, uint256 reward) external onlyOwner {
    bounties[totalBounties] = Bounty({
        creator: msg.sender,
        title: title,
        description: description,
        reward: reward,
        completed: false

    emit BountyCreated(totalBounties, msg.sender, title, reward);

function completeBounty(uint256 bountyId) external bountyExists(bountyId) bountyNotCompleted(bountyId) {
    // Additional validation and logic for bounty completion can be added
    bounties[bountyId].completed = true;

    emit BountyCompleted(bountyId, msg.sender);

In this example:

  • The MintBounties contract allows the owner to create bounties with a title, description, and reward.
  • Users can then complete a bounty, marking it as completed.
  • The onlyOwner modifier ensures that only the owner can create bounties.
  • The bountyExists and bountyNotCompleted modifiers provide additional checks for bounty-related operations.

7/ Open-source Commitment
:link: “I commit to open-sourcing ‘MintBounties,’ inviting developers within the Mint blockchain community to collaborate on building a decentralized bounty platform. Let’s harness the power of incentives to drive innovation and collaboration within the Mint ecosystem!”

Link X: https://x.com/nhutqui2309/status/1749876963739828393?s=20

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