Let's create a Mint Gallery

  1. discord handle : .kimchiman
  2. NIP is NFT Identify Person
  3. The current goal of NIPs is to create innovation through NFTs. I believe that the current Mint blockchain project is quite similar to Debank. While there have been efforts within the blockchain to identify one’s account, such as ETH Name Service, it cannot be considered user-friendly. Furthermore, I believe that having a website where users can search for their accounts through NFT analysis, which is of great interest to users, would allow anyone to have more interest and access to the blockchain ecosystem.
  4. One of the most prominent features of NFTs at the moment is their inherent uniqueness, which means they are often valued as items of ownership. As a result, various projects are currently being developed to connect NFTs with real-world utility. However, I personally believe that it would be even better to have a service through NFTs that allows individuals to prove themselves rather than merely seeking utility through connection with the physical world.
  5. I believe that the most significant barrier to new user adoption in the current blockchain is the user-unfriendly interface. Even if someone has minted an NFT, they need to understand the ERC standard to verify it, inevitably colliding with the fundamental theory they may not want to study. To prevent this, if the Mint Blockchain takes the initiative to develop an NFT Account Site, it will enable users to access the ETH ecosystem more comfortably.
  6. We provide an Account Analytics service to teams that have partnered with Mint Blockchain, enhancing user convenience. Essentially, Mint Account Analytics can provide the user’s nickname, the NFTs they currently hold, and whether they have achieved milestones in partnered NFT projects.
  7. I agree.