Let me Do Your Haircut With Nft!

Lets get straight in to the topic Not even a Hi !
iam mylo and you can find me on any social media with myloishere id !
but im not gonna stay here and talk about my social media accounts .
but i want to share some ideas about something that you may not feel is happening but belive me it is .
speaking of nft’s there is always a big question mark into our heads that , why this market raised this mutch ? what the hell ? we already had alot of stores with images and vendors .
and actually why the most famous and more priced nfts are not as pretty too ?
well if we think about it this way you gonna notice that nfts are more likely work as pass and in the future belive me even your visa to a country might be an nft .
whoa no rush ! wait i didnt get that !
yes . thats what i thought the first time i imagined it .
But really , imagine what will be happen if a police officer just give you a stop sign and says .
hi , can icheck your driving lice … sorry , let me scan you !
this simple “let me scan you” is how our world might be leading into that !
i know i know , Right now Thre is no platform like that and no app or project lets you do this but if you just think about that the btc etf is approved and now the world is beggin for crypto ! like they want that in everything how often you wanted to pay day to day thing with crypto and you was not able to do that .imagine and im just saying that, imagine in right time , with a great team like mint .
id we prepare and make a platform or something that connect the nfts to our lives , to our day to day tasks in a proper and more reliable way , what a big future nfts has .in case i can easily say "NFT’s ARE EVERYTHING and i mean it .and i proof it !
because the nfts has ability to create market around almost anything and anyone !
so you can now easily see the world from my view that says in a very close or far future even your barber may sell you nfts to visit you and do your haircut , like a reservation because nfts can be unique and made only for 1 people ! we might be able to create platfrom that your barber shop time reservation could be reserved and paid at the same by transforming that to an nft . we just need a proper platform that lets you connect your wallet or evevn use its internal wallet
deposit your lvl 2 mint and then here you go ! you can now reserve a barber shop that sells its spots for doing harcut in the market as nft . order food , buy your movie ticket buy your concert ticket .
and even your id card from your goverment could be an nft in a secure goverment platform because nfts are private and secure !
right now in my opinion we have to focous on making the nft’s more easy to understand for day to day and normal people who they stil may not know anything about the nft’s and then start crating an active wallet that lets you scan and buy, scan and pay
and has a merket that pays more amount of the money made from an nft to the creator .
allright thaank you for reading this out i wish you enjoyed my vision you contact me any time with my
email : iammlo.mail@gmail.com
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Bye !