Integrating Web2 API to Web3

Proposal: Web2 and Web3 Integration for Enhanced NFT Adoption (Twitter/X, Tiktok, Reddit)

Before we start. I want to Introduce myself. Hello my name is Dexter. I am a former semi professional esports player and I’ve been involve in crypto trading, trading NFTs, and a web3 enthusiasts since February 2021.

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email:, twitter: @web3mitaka/@dexjicsm, discord:dextermitaka

NIP Simple Summary

This proposal NIP is all about integrating Web 2 APIs for the seamless easy,user friendly interface and Web3 on-chain authentication that can be trust by the blockchain itself to create NFT use-case for any sector that could use this innovative technology.

The proposed NIP (NFT Integration Proposal) introduces a groundbreaking approach by seamlessly combining Web2 and Web3 technologies to enhance NFT adoption. One key innovation lies in the integration of Web2 APIs for user-friendly interaction and Web3 for authentication, resulting in an improved user experience and heightened transparency in NFT processes. The proposal introduces a novel token-based governance mechanism, allowing NFT holders to actively participate in decision-making, fostering community involvement.

Additionally, the use of Web3 smart contracts for fairness analysis and fact-checking in the distribution of NFT offerings sets this proposal apart. The deployment of decentralized oracle services for real-time data retrieval from Web2 APIs ensures accuracy and reliability in the evidence of processes. Furthermore, the automation of approved changes through smart contracts streamlines the NFT development process, reducing manual impact and simplifying implementation.

Overall, the NIP presents a comprehensive and innovative strategy that not only addresses existing challenges in NFT standards but also introduces novel applications such as community-driven governance, decentralized verification, and a harmonious integration of Web2 and Web3 technologies for enhanced efficiency and user satisfaction.


This proposal aims to leverage the capabilities of Web2 and Web3 technologies to enhance NFT adoption and broaden the audience. By integrating Web2 APIs for seamless user interaction and Web3 for authentication, the approach enhances user experiences, increases transparency, and builds trust in NFT-related processes.


  1. Easy User Interaction:

    • Utilize Web2 APIs to develop an intuitive and user-friendly NFT transaction and recommendation platform.
    • Create a web interface enabling users to export, track, and update changes in a traditional manner.
  2. Analytics and Data Collection:

    • Employ Web2 APIs to collect and track user-approved conversions’ progress.
    • Record detailed information on task completion and progress clicks, ensuring transparency in the development process.
  3. Fairness Analysis and Fact Checking:

    • Utilize Web3 smart contracts to establish a distribution system for NFT offerings.
    • Create unique smart contracts for each contract, containing basic terms and initial configurations for provision.
  4. Integration with Decentralized Oracle Service:

    • Introduce an oracle service to retrieve real-time data from Web2 APIs for accurate and reliable process evidence.
    • Regularly update smart contracts on the blockchain with new information from Web2 for easy verification.
  5. Token-based Governance Mechanism:

    • Integrate a token-based governance system, allowing the NFT community to participate in decision-making.
    • NFT holders receive control tokens based on ownership, enabling them to vote on the effectiveness of the development.
  6. Execution of Agreed Changes:

    • Enable smart contracts to execute agreed-upon changes to NFTs based on clear wording.
    • Increase efficiency by reducing manual impact and simplifying implementation.


By combining the accessibility of Web2 with the trust and transparency of Web3, this proposal seeks to propel NFTs into a new era of mass adoption. The integration of these technologies aims to enhance user experiences, facilitate efficient improvements, and foster a sense of community governance within the NFT ecosystem.

Open-source commitment

I commit to open-sourcing the NIP and grants permission for developers within the Mint blockchain ecosystem to build protocols and applications based on this NIP.

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Farcaster is one of the example that symbolize my proposal. But imagine if it goes to all sectors and industry that are available. Just saw the Farcaster blow up in popularity to emphasize what i meant by this