Implementation of NFT to determine the social status of the owner

NFT is entering our lives more and more tightly. Those who were skeptical a couple of years ago are now realizing that NFTs will be with us for a long time. World corporations are creating their own NFTs.

My name is Tim and let me present my vision of NIP, which is very easy to realize in the near future.
My proposal has to do with the emerging trend towards a “decentralized society”, DeSoc for short. And also, the recently appeared but already widely used NFT standard, which is called Soulbond - token (SBT).

My scenario for using this initiative:

  • The team of developers creates an application where a person creates his profile, and mint it as SBT, it can be completely confidential. To the profile, at will, the user connects his social networks, game services, regular or crypto wallet, where he can add his friends and communicate with them in the application. That’s all, a person lives an ordinary life - studies, works, buys clothes, food, electronics in stores, fuels his car at his favorite gas station, visits restaurants, clubs, cinemas, pays bills, in general - enjoys his own life) At the same time, in all establishments, partners of this application, all actions of the user are recorded in the blockchain, and displayed on his SBT NFT in the form of different traits.

  • If a user “behaves well” they enjoy all the privileges of the places they visit, online shopping, social media and more. Regularly receives bonuses, discounts, gifts, his “social status” (can be in the form of points) in the application is growing. Doors are open to him everywhere)
    But if he receives fines, does not pay his bills, shows little activity in social networks, makes few purchases - over time, his “social status” in the application decreases, he will not be able to visit certain places, will lose discounts, gifts, etc.
    The user cannot sell, or transfer this SBT NFT.

  • The team is only required to find and connect new partners, and introduce new features to the app.

This NIP is very much needed and I am sure it will be implemented soon (Whoever goes first takes all the benefits.).
After all, thanks to it, the whole NFT ecosystem will get a huge development, adaptation all over the world. The trend with “Social Status” has already been confirmed. The leading countries of the world are implementing this system, so why not put it on blockchain? This will promote and promote mass adaptation for NFT and blockchain technology in general.

This NIP aims at the full adoption of the new social standard, by society, by companies, by governments. A system of rewards or restrictions, while maintaining one’s privacy.


An app for integrating SBT into the community.
Marketing departments in different countries, for promotion.
Integration with WEB3 wallets, social networks, etc.

Open-source commitment

“I commits to open-sourcing the NIP and grants permission for developers within the Mint blockchain ecosystem to build protocols and applications based on this NIP.”

Sincerely, Tim :heart:
Contact details:
Discord: timson0000


Wow! Great thoughts, buddy! Improvements like these in the NFT space could really drive mass adoption


I agree, the idea is cool… But there are doubts that countries will be able to introduce such an innovation at the state level. Although, the NFT market is developing rapidly and perhaps in 5 years such a system will be everywhere and we will remember your NIP :upside_down_face:

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Thanks for the feedback! It seemed to me that such an idea lies on the surface) Deep implementation into countries and governments is not necessary - this can be presented as a social network of a new generation))

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