Free mint 1 MintID for holder mint Genesis pass

I have a suggestion for the mint_blockchain community: try for those with a Genesis NFT mint pass Id ranking #1-#500 get a mint ID, 1 free minting might look pretty good. because I saw several complaints from the community.
but I don’t have control over that, only the community admin decides. I’m just giving a suggestion to this community. Thank you

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The value of your proposal is estimated at about half a million dollars.

It could be a great idea. But in addition to those who just managed to mint in the first few minutes, there are those who went through the Zealy campaign and helped the project grow.

Participants with the role of Advocates fall under such criteria. And other roles, with the exception of Early.

There can be several conditions.

There can be several conditions to choose from:
1-500, 1-1000 (Minters).
Or from 1 to 1000 discount 70%, from 1000 to 2000 discount 35%, from 2000 to 3000 discount 17% on MintID purchase.

If you give preference to community members who have made a valid contribution, this is the ranking of the Zealy leaderboard, from first, to 3000th place, which equals about half of the total number of advocates.

The community must have value in the project, especially in the early stages.

My comment in addition to your NIP is a compromise.


  1. The Mint Blockchain team will increase the number of sales for stats in future Mint.
  2. Will make the cost of MintID more affordable to the early community and account for the discounted WL system, which will increase the number of owners by January 24.
  3. Will virtually eliminate future FUD in its favor.

In my opinion, this sales format has advantages, but it also has disadvantages.

I will not create a NIP as I am convinced that such proposals have a very modest impact on the opinion of a core team in dire need of funding.