AIGC NFT Standard

Author’s Information: My name is Rafal, I am software developer and NFT enthusiast. My email is, discord handle FoxKroop#6930.

Simple Summary: This NIP introduces the concept of AIGC NFTs, representing ownership over Generative AI Models. These NFTs unlock access to unique AI capabilities, fostering a decentralized ecosystem for AI innovation and collaboration.

Abstract: AIGC NFTs redefine ownership in the realm of artificial intelligence by tokenizing access to generative models on the blockchain. This proposal aims to democratize AI innovation, allowing creators to possess and utilize unique models while fostering collaboration and exploration within the decentralized AI community.

Motivation: Traditional AI models are often centralized and hard to monetize. This NIP is motivated by the need to decentralize AI ownership, empowering creators with exclusive access to generative models. The motivation extends to encouraging collaborative exploration and experimentation within a decentralized AI ecosystem. NFT will provide monetary value for AI model, incentivizing AI development.

Rationale: AIGC NFTs elevate NFT value by uniquely pinning generative AI models to each token. This innovation reshapes the AI landscape, making NFTs functional entities with tangible utility. This proposal envisions a decentralized AI paradigm, where NFTs unlock diverse AI capabilities, fostering collaboration across applications. The forthcoming specifications will detail how this integration establishes a new frontier for decentralized and democratized AI.

Specification: The AIGC NFT system is comprised of the following key components:

AIGC NFT: Token that implements NFT standard
AI Cloud API: owner of NFT must prove ownership of AIGC NFT by signed message in order to request AI generation.
AIGC SDK: TypeScript/JavaScript SDK for integration in 3rd party apps

Open-source Commitment: I commit to open-sourcing the NIP and grant permission for developers within the Mint blockchain ecosystem to build protocols and applications based on this NIP.