Add global environmental and humanitarian dimension to NFTs

Author’s Information:
Not an NFT collector, just a crypto enthusiast who never understood why all the NFT money wasn’t used a much better way.
discord: @beardedcassius

Simple Summary:
This NIP proposes an expansion of NFT technology to include automatic donations to charitable, environmental or medical research organizations as part of every NFT transaction, thereby adding a much broader and very real social utility to NFTs.

This NIP extends beyond the traditional scope of NFTs by integrating a feature in the smart contracts that allocates a portion of transaction fees, or sale price, to charities or environmental causes. This mechanism allows for a wide range of support, including environmental conservation, humanitarian aid, medical research, and more. By embedding this feature directly into the NFT, the proposal aims to make NFTs more appealing to a broader audience, including those skeptical of blockchain’s environmental impact, and introduces a new method of fundraising that engages all generations seamlessly, while reminding everyone the global challenges this world is facing.

The motivation for this NIP is to address two major concerns: the ecological and social impact of blockchain technology, and the need for innovative fundraising methods for important causes. By linking NFT transactions with charitable giving, this proposal aims to transform the perception of NFTs from purely speculative assets to tools for positive social and environmental change.

The rationale for this proposal is to leverage the popularity and financial power of the NFT market to support crucial global causes. This NIP introduces a versatile and impactful use of blockchain technology, encouraging the NFT community to participate in social and environmental betterment passively.
The proposal is designed to be flexible, allowing project teams to choose causes that align with their values and mission, but also by allowing buyers and sellers, to select a cause and a fees percentage of their choice, with a minimum decided by the team, when proceeding to the sale.
The list of causes available to the buyers/sellers (as a drop down list for instance), would have to be managed by an independent platform that takes care of verifying wallet addresses and organizations legitimacy.

Open-source Commitment:
“I commit to open-sourcing the NIP and grant permission for developers within the Mint blockchain ecosystem to build protocols and applications based on this NIP.”